Monday, July 13, 2009

Hip Strength and Running Injuries

Research has shown that there is a major correlation between hip strength and running injuries. At our clinic (Kinetic Health), evaluation of hip strength is one of the first things that we do when testing runners. In most cases we will find some type of deficit in the runner's hip strength.

The following information provides some very interesting literature about the subject, and some great exercises to develop hip strength, address, and prevent numerous injuries.

Article One

"U of C study shows weak hips to blame for most running injuries
A landmark study from the University of Calgary's new Running Injury Clinic suggests bad knees have been getting a bum rap.
While most running injuries happen in the knees and lower legs, it turns out their root cause is almost always weak hip muscles. So runners should stop blaming faulty knees for causing them so much pain as they jog and start strengthening their hips.
The surprising news came Tuesday when Reed Ferber, who runs the clinic and is a professor with the university's faculties of kinesiology and nursing, announced the results of his study, Biomechanical Approach to Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries In Runners." Article Continued

Article Two

Overuse Running Injuries: Weak Hip Muscles Common Cause

"Most runners know, aches and pains are a common part of training. A new study, however, suggests that the real culprit for overuse running injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome (so-called "runner's knee"), and Achilles tendonitis may have more to do with weakened hip muscles than the sheer number of miles an athlete runs".
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Article Three

According to a new study, a culprit for overuse running injurieswhich is often overlooked, is weakened hip muscles.“Various studies have estimated that up to 70% of runners suffer an overuse running injury every year” Read More

Exercises (Core Performance - Great Site)

5 Way Hip Cable - Adduction

5 Way Hip Cable - Flexion

5 Way Hip Cable - Crossover

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