Thursday, May 13, 2010

Speed Healing, Decrease Inflammation, Lose Weight

These are some of the common dietary recommendations that we give our patients to speed their healing, reduce inflammation, lose weight, and increase their over-all energy.

These are just some of our recommendations - but they really do work - so give it a try and you may be surprised by the great results you achieve. Of course, before venturing on any exercise or dietary program, do consult with your own personal physician.

General Rules
  1. Throw out your junk food – That is right! Go through your cupboards and throw out all those chips, pops, and processed food.
  2. Keep your cupboards full of healthy food – keep a good supply of fresh vegetables and protein, and you will find that you are less likely to sabotage your diet with foods that are better avoided.
  3. Eat small meals every three hours – Each of these meals should contain a combination of complex carbohydrates, protein, and essential fatty acids (EFA). This combination satisfies all of your body’s needs, leaving you less likely to over-indulge. Just make sure that you reduce the portion size of these small meals. Small meals speed up your metabolism; large meals slow down your metabolism. Eating this way will keep your energy level high - making it much easier to stay motivated with your exercises. Just making this single change can potentially reduce your weight by 10 or more pounds over a 3-month period.
  4. Eat your vegetables – One of the most common mistakes I see with my patient’s diets is the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. Without the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in these foods, your results in reducing inflammation, speeding healing, and weight loss will be minimal. If you find that you cannot consume sufficient vegetables or fruit, then be sure to supplement your diet with an easy-to-absorb, good multivitamin and mineral combination. The best product we have found is AOR’s Orthocore. You can read about this product at: Link
  5. Stay hydrated – Drink at least 8-10 glasses of mineral water per day. This part of the program is essential. Most people are in a constant state of dehydration which results in poor metabolic activity. Keep your cells hydrated and watch your energy levels go up.
  6. Check your pH – Check the PRAL list to discover your overall acid-alkaline balance. On this list, the negative numbers are assigned to foods that have a basic (alkaline) result (preferable). The higher the positive number, the more acidic the food (less preferable). An acidic diet slows healing, increases inflammation, and leads to an array of degenerative conditions. Here is the link to the PRAL list - Link
  7. Make your food taste good. - Spice up your food a little. Use herbs and spices liberally. If your diet is boring you will never stick to it. In addition, herbs and spices bring many important trace minerals, vitamins, and nutrients into your diet. But be careful – too much salt can negate these benefits – so keep your salt levels low.
  8. Use no-fat or low-fat dressings – Salad dressing have a lot of oil which is directly deposited to your hips and thighs. Check the labels for the presence of hydrogenated oils and avoid products that contain them.
  9. Steam, grill, or bake – Avoid any fried foods. They cause increased rates of obesity and also release toxins (advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These toxins significantly increase the risk of heart disease, cause premature aging, increased inflammation, slow healing, and lead to obesity.
  10. Drink post-workout shakes – Drink a mixture of protein and carbohydrates immediately after each workout. The best ratio is 80% carbohydrate and 20% protein. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a protein shake. A protein shake will get into your system much faster than solid food, speed your recovery from your workout, and help repair soft tissue. Protein shakes also have the effect of decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) and increasing testosterone (aids in muscle growth and repair). Protein shake we recommend - Link

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