Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Resolving Whiplash Injuries with Active Release – Part 7

Exercise is a critical component in rehabilitating whiplash injuries. Initially, exercises should be performed within as much of a pain free range-of-motion as possible. This will help to insure that no abnormal neurological motor responses are created, and tissue repair is fully completed. It is very important to remember that injured tissue needs time to remodel, without the right exercise the possibility of re-injury is very high. See our Blog on “Exercise and Tissue Remodeling

If you are looking for a series of exercise specifically designed to rehab the neck after a whiplash injury check out our kinetic chain series of exercise books. We have achieved great results with the “Jaw to Shoulder” book in the treatment of whiplash injury patients. This book covers several of the main areas commonly injured in a hyper-extension hyper-flexion injury.

Nerve Flossing Exercises

In addition to the Active Release procedures a certified ART practitioner will use there are also several nerve flossing exercises that can be performed at home to help reinforce the treatments. These exercises are just like flossing your teeth, except the tooth floss is a nerve moving through an area of restriction.
When nerves are entrapped your body goes to great lengths to protect these nerves. Muscle function is reduced, including the amount of force that certain muscles can generate. This creates muscle imbalances and abnormal neuromuscular responses. The nerve flossing exercises help to restore normal neuromuscular patterns, increase strength, range-of-motion and restore normal motion patterns. Click on the image for an example of some nerve flossing exercises. 

Bottom line, Whiplash (hyper-extension hyper-flexion injuries) can be treated very successfully with a combination of Active Release Techniques, and exercise.
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